Getting Started

Title Screen

On the title screen, press any button and then select either “Online” to play while connected to the network or “Offline” to play without connecting to the network. Doing so will cause the menu below to appear. When starting the game from the beginning, you will enter a name and codename for your character before choosing their appearance on the character creation screen.

Note: Some options, such as name, gender, voice, and physique, cannot be changed later in the game.

Continue: Continue the game from a previous save.
New: Start the game from the beginning.
Load: Select save data and continue from that point.
Settings: View and change various game settings.
License: View license and copyright information.
Xbox Store: Download items and other content online.

About Saving Data

The game will automatically save your progress when you rest at mistle or die.
You can also manually save by selecting “Save and Return to Title Screen” after interacting with mistle.
Note: Changes in game settings are saved separately from game progress.


Directional pad: Select option
Menu button: Skip movie (press twice)
button: Cancel
button: Confirm

Field Controls

Directional pad:
Up: Change weapon
Left: Change shortcut item (left)
Right: Change shortcut item (right)
Down: Use shortcut item
Left stick: Move/Dash (+)/Open quick gesture menu (press twice)
Right stick: Move camera/Switch target (when locked on)/Reset camera (press)/Lock on (press near an enemy)
button: Examine/Pick up/Charged drain (hold)
button: Dodge
button: Strong attack/Charged attack (hold)
button: Weak Attack
: Guard
: Parry
: +  button (after an attack): Combo drain / +  button: Special attack / +  button: Launch attack
: Open Gift Quickslot (hold)
Menu button: Open Field Menu
View button: Open Quick Item Menu

Gift Quickslot Controls

Directional pad:
Up: Activate Gift Quickslot 2 (Up)
Left: Activate Gift Quickslot 2 (Left)
Right: Activate Gift Quickslot 2 (Right)
Down: Activate Gift Quickslot 2 (Down)
 button: Activate Gift Quickslot 1 (Up)
button: Activate Gift Quickslot 1 (Left)
button: Activate Gift Quickslot 1 (Right)
button: Activate Gift Quickslot 1 (Down)




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