On-Screen Info


Mission Info
Shows the time remaining, your score, and target names.

Aircraft Speed
Choose either KPH or knots.

Radar Map
Use the View button to switch between the Target Detection Map, the enlarged map, and the battle map.

Target Reticle
The shape of the reticle represents the type of target. TGT denotes mission targets.

Ground Target

 Radio Communication
Displays the sender’s name and message. Communications are colour-coded: blue for allies, red for enemies, and yellow for everything else. Important messages are marked with an exclamation mark.

Velocity Vector

Current Altitude
Choose either metres or feet.

Aircraft Info

Your Ammo Remaining
Listed from top to bottom: machine gun, missiles, special weapons, flares.

Current Damage Level
When it reaches 100%, you crash. The aircraft color at the bottom changes with the damage level, from green to yellow to red.

Weapons/Flares Remaining
Missiles, special weapons, etc. are to the left and right of the aircraft; flares, below. Firing a flare reduces the gauge by one. The gauge refills over time. You cannot fire flares without a full gauge.

Press the to switch between the three types of views during missions: third person, first person, and cockpit. Each view offers a slightly different HUD. The third-person view is described here.


The Target Detection Map

Shows your position, your allies’, and your enemies’. The detection range automatically changes according to enemy range.

Aircraft Axis (Nose Direction)

Combat Withdrawal Line
If you pass this line, you will fail the mission.

The left/right cones represent the views on screen.


The Meaning of Marks

Marks represent enemy and ally positions. Mostly the following appear:

Aircraft (You = green. Allies = blue. Enemies = white.)

Aircraft (TGT)


Ground Targets (Allies = blue. Enemies = white.)

Ground Target (TGT)

Dangerous Areas (Enemy Missiles Destinations, etc.)

First-Person/Cockpit View Displays

The following also appears for first-person and cockpit views:

Forward Direction Location

Aircraft Speed
Displayed as a gauge to the right; rotates as you accelerate/decelerate.

Engine Throttle
The gauge expands as you accelerate, and shrinks as you decelerate.

Pitch Scale
The angle of your aircraft compared to the horizon. Appears as a broken line, when the craft is facing downwards.

Whiskey Mark
represents the direction the aircraft’s nose is facing.

Distance Scale
The triangle indicates the distance between you and a target in your sights. Goes lower the closer you get. When it goes below , you can lock on.

Current Altitude
Displayed as a gauge to the left; rotates as you ascend/descend.


The Multiplayer Mission Screen

Some additional info appears in multiplayer mode.

Match Stats
In Team Death Match, scores for both teams are displayed; for Battle Royale, your score and the name of the player in first.

Use the right to switch from the radar map to the message list.

Call Sign

Aircraft Reticles

Player info is added to the reticles.


Indicates the player in the lead.

The target pin in the top-right indicates you are being targeted by another player.

Damage Level
Decreases when you take damage. When it is empty, you will crash.

Pause Menu

To pause the game and display the pause menu during a mission, press the Menu button. (In multiplayer, the game will not pause while the menu is displayed.) Via the pause menu, you can abort missions and matches, as well as change aircraft control settings.

Battlefield Overview
Appears during campaign mode. In Match mode, view the list of participants.



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