Basic Controls


The Xbox One Controller


: Decelerate
: Yaw left
View button: Toggle radar map display
Standard (up/down): Pitch up/down. (Left/right): Turn left/right
Expert (up/down): Pitch up/down. (Left/right): Roll
Right: Display message list, and send messages.
Up/Down: Select messages.(Multiplayer mode only)
: Accelerate
: Yaw right
Menu button: Show pause menu
: Switch target (hold to select target)
: Fire missiles or special weaponry. Hold after firing to switch tracking view
: Fire machine gun
: Change weapon
: Operate the camera. Press to switch views

+: Autopilot .Hold to view wingmen/ally objectives
Press the left/right sticks at the same time: Deploy flare


There are two types of controls: standard and expert.
This page deals with the default controls. To configure/change the controls, go to “Options”, then “Flight System” or “Controller”.


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