Mastering Air Combat

Using Missiles

All aircraft are loaded with missiles that come with homing abilities.

Selecting Targets (Locking On)

Begin by confirming the enemy’s position. The current target is indicated with a flashing target reticle. When multiple targets can be locked on to, press to switch targets.

Target Locator
Shows where your target is when outside your field of vision.

Locking On and Firing

The missile seeker appears when a target is in range. When it overlaps with the target reticle, you are automatically locked on, and the reticle turns red. Once you’re locked on, press to fire a missile.

Missile Seeker

Using the Machine Gun

Machine guns are standard on all aircraft. Hold for rapid fire. Get close to your target, and when they’re in your reticle, go wild.

 Aiming Reticle
Appears when you approach a target. The reticle turns red when the target enters it.

Switching Views

There are three views: third person, first person, and cockpit. Press the to switch. In any view, use the to turn the camera away from the direction you’re heading. Under certain conditions, the following views are also available:

Tracking View: After firing a missile or special weapon, hold to track the fired weapon.

Target Focus: Hold to focus on the target.

Wingmen/Ally Objective Focus: Hold ++ to view the direction for mission-critical allies, including wingmen and escorts.

High-G Turns

Use high-G turns to turn hard. High-G turns are good for shaking off enemies and avoiding obstacles. However, the sudden deceleration may cause you to stall.

Standard Controls: While holding +, use the  to turn.
Expert Controls: Roll left/right with the , and then pitch up (tilt the down) while holding +.

Post-Stall Movement

Some aircraft can be controlled post-stall. After decelerating enough, hold + and pitch up (tilt the down).

Two Ways to Fly

You can change the aircraft control types, using “Flight System” within “Options”.

STANDARD: Turn simply by tilting the left/right.
EXPERT: These controls mimic those of a fighter. To turn, tilt the left/right to roll the aircraft, and then pitch up.

Deploying Flares

Deploy flares by pressing the and at the same time. When an enemy missile is on your tail, use a flare to avoid it more easily.

Sending Messages

In multiplayer mode, you can communicate with other players via instant messages. Some messages can be used in Team Death Match to signal your position or an enemy aircraft’s.

 Message List
Press the right to display the message list. Move up/down to select a message, then press right to send it.

The messages that appear are selected beforehand. To select messages, go to “Instant Radio Messages” in “Hangar”.

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