Aircraft Customization

Hangar Screen

In campaign, choose your aircraft and special weapons in the hangar screen before you sortie. In multiplayer mode, you can use aircraft/weapon combinations registered in “Aircraft Set” in “Hangar”.

Aircraft Capabilities

Total Cost
In multiplayer mode, you can set a maximum total cost for aircraft and special weapons.

Special Weaponry Capabilities

Nicknames and Emblems

Assigned Upgrade Parts

Upgrade Parts

There are three categories: “Body”, “Arms”, and “Misc.”
Each part is assigned an amount of slots. Each category has a maximum amount of slots available.

Assigned Parts
Up to eight upgrade parts can be used per aircraft.

Slot Assignment Status
As you assign upgrade parts to slots, the gauge increases.


Aircraft Tree Screen

To view the aircraft tree, select “Aircraft Tree” from “Hangar”, etc. Spend MRP earned during campaign mode or multiplayer mode play to acquire new items like aircraft, special weapons, and upgrade parts.

When you purchase an item, you can then purchase the next item in the line.

Row 1 shows your MRP; row 2, the MRP required; row 3, the remaining MRP after purchase.

Description of Selected Items

 Selected Items Capabilities

The hangar screen is for multiplayer mode. There are differences between modes.

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