Avril Mead

An engineer at Osea’s penal base, who likes to work alone. Her skills have earned her a nickname: Scrap Queen.


Has a reputation for being an anarchist among the folks at Osea’s penal base. While it’s difficult to tell what’s going on behind that smile, he’s a pretty decent guy.

Mihaly A. Shilage

Once the Erusean forces’ top ace but now retired, he’s a descendant of the heir to the throne of a small nation annexed by Erusea.

Dr. Schroeder

An engineer at the EASA experimental base, who is involved in the development of drone technology. Your typical scientist.

Rosa Cossette D’Elise

The Kingdom of Erusea’s Princess. Though born in a relatively regular household, she was elevated to her role when Erusea reverted to imperial rule after The Continental War and her father was crowned king.

Ionella and Alma

Mihaly’s granddaughters. Ionella, the elder of the two, is the same age as Rosa and went to school with her. Alma is as innocent as they come.

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