Pause Menu

Press the OPTIONS button during a quest to bring up the Pause Menu. Select menus with up and down on the directional buttons or left stick, then press the croix-PS4-15px button to confirm.

●Continue Game: Return to the quest.
●Controls/Move List: View available moves.
Switch pages with up and down on the directional buttons or left stick to check the move lists of characters you control.
●Settings: Equip Magic Items you’ve created.


●Settings: Change settings for displaying text, volume, camera and your controller.
●Return to Menu: Quit the quest and return to the Boar Hat.
Select “Yes” on the confirmation screen to return.
Note: Return to the Field Map during field quests, and return to the character select screen in Duel Mode.



The Results screen is displayed when you complete a quest.

●Appeal Points: Appeal Grade
(how much you fought with style) + Time Bonus (bonus points for remaining time) + Health Bonus
(bonus points for remaining HP) + Max Hit Bonus (points from the maximum combo during a quest).
●Magic Crystals: The amount of Magic Crystals gathered.
●Gossip Points: The rise in hearsay.
●Rank: Your rank is displayed at the end.


After results, hearsay by villagers is displayed.


If there’s some useful gossip, a new quest will appear. Head to the region where the quest appeared and continue the adventure.


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