DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller



To turn vibration function ON or OFF, go to the function screen of the PlayStation®4 system, then select “Settings” → “Controllers” → “Enable Vibration”.



Basic Menu Controls

Left button/Left stick: Select
croix-PS4-15px button: OK/Next
rond-PS4-15px button: Back
OPTIONS button: Skip


Left stick: Move
R1-PS4-15px button + left stick: Sidestep
croix-PS4-15px button: Jump
croix-PS4-15px button 2x: Search Dash
carre-PS4-15px button + croix-PS4-15px button: Super Jump
R1-PS4-15px button + croix-PS4-15px button: Mirage Step
carre-PS4-15px button: Attack (Weak)
triangle-PS4-15px button: Attack (Strong)
rond-PS4-15px button: Shoot
R1-PS4-15px button + carre-PS4-15px button: Magic 1
R1-PS4-15px button + triangle-PS4-15px button: Magic 2
R1-PS4-15px button + rond-PS4-15px button: Magic 3
R2-PS4-15px button: Special Move
L1-PS4-15px button: Guard/Reset camera
Right stick: Switch targets
Camera controls
OPTIONS button: Pause Menu
R3-PS4-15px button: Lock-on ON/OFF *Versus mode only.
bottom-PS4-15px button: Call for help *Co-op mode only.


Left stick: Move
Right stick: Camera controls
rond-PS4-15px button: Gather
croix-PS4-15px button: Jump
OPTIONS button: Pause Menu

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