Go online and challenge players from around the world. Create filters and find an opponent or join a tournament bracket and see how you do.

Network Environment

* In order to get the correct network environment to connect to the PlayStation™Network check the website
* Check the manual of PlayStation®4 system on how to connect to the internet.
* When connecting to the PlayStation™Network, all categories in the PS4™ connection test must be successful and the NAT type must be 1 or 2. To undergo an internet connection test or change internet settings, check the online manual or check modem settings. Network environment may be impacted by other wifi devices if connected wirelessly.
* The online battles are a service that is provided over the internet. Due to this, network issues, network environment, network speeds may effect play conditions that may impact gameplay.
* Tekken™7 player stats will be open to other players.

How to Enjoy Online Play

“PlayStation®Plus” is required for online play.
Please check with PlayStation® Support for details.

Manners during Online Matches

* Please do not disconnect during an online match.
* Please ensure that you have enough time to play an online match.
* Please do not do any actions that are rude or abusive to your opponent.
* Note, when there is a network disconnection, the current match will be void. There may be additional penalties depending on the situation.

Voice Chat / Text Chat

* Voice chat using a headset will be possible while playing or watching a match.
* Text chat is possible during the session display.

Online Match Rules

* Victory Conditions: Best of 3 Rounds
* Time Limit: 60 seconds
* Stage: Random

Rules for each SESSION in PLAYER MATCH.
* Player that wins the match is the champion and proceeds to the next match.
* In the case that the rounds won is the same at the end of the match, then either of the players is declared the victor.
* When the match ends, the display moves to the SESSION screen and the countdown will automatically start. A player that doesn’t press the croix-PS4-15px button will be placed at the bottom of the queue.

Online Rankings

* Rankings will change only in RANKED MATCH.
* Rankings are set per character.
* If there will be a ranking change, there will be an icon displayed before and during the match.





Play matches in order to change online rankings. After setting search filters, matching will proceed with the following steps.

WARM-UP: There will be a computer opponent while a match is being searched for.
MATCH LIST: Choose opponent from displayed list.


A match that does not affect online rankings. In addition to searching for an online opponent, SESSION can be set with various parameters. Players from your friend list can also be invited for matches.

QUICK MATCH: Find an online opponent for an immediate match.
CREATE SESSION: Create a game play session where the player is the host and can adjust the time limit and number of rounds and various other settings for the match.
SEARCH SESSION: Search for a SESSION with player set filters. Select a SESSION from the generated list.

Host Information

The host can control the following.

Close the SESSION: End the SESSION and return to the menu. A session cannot be ended while participating in or watching a match.
Remove a Player: A player can be removed from a session by the following steps. SESSION menu -> “Kick” -> select player from list.
Invite Player: Players from your friends list can be invited to your session.


When there are more that 2 people in a session, a countdown will automatically begin. Both participating players must press the croix-PS4-15px button to start a match.


SESSION ROOM Settings / Changes: Press the triangle-PS4-15px button to open the menu. The host player can invite friends, kick or end the session.
Participating Player Information: The player at the top of the queue is the current champion. The next player in the queue is the next challenger. The winner of the match goes to top of the queue while the loser is placed at the bottom of the queue.
Text Chat: SESSION ROOM Settings / Changes menu is closed. Press the carre-PS4-15px button to start.




A tournament can be set up for online participation. Depending on your results, a lot of ‘fight money’ and items can be collected.

QUICK TOURNAMENT: Quickly participate in a tournament that meets requirements.
CREATE TOURNAMENT: Become a tournament organizer and set parameters for the matches and seek out participants.
SEARCH TOURNAMENT: Set filters for match settings and times to search for a tournament.

Tournament Rules

There are 3 sets of tournament rules for online tournaments.

Single Elimination Tournament: A single loss in the bracket eliminates a player with a single winner at the end of the bracket.
Double Elimination Tournament: One loss will move the player to the losers bracket and an additional loss there ends the tournament for the player. The winner from the loser side of the bracket must win 2 matches in a row to win the tournament.
Official Rules: Official rules of THE KING OF IRONFIST TOURNAMENT. The first to win 2 matches advances in double elimination tournament format. The finals will be decided with the winner needing to take 3 matches instead of 2.

Tournament Notes

Participating players that remain to the end of the tournament will receive a reward regardless of their position. Stay and watch the tournament until the end even though you may have been eliminated.

In order to start a tournament, there must be at least 4 players. (Maximum of 8).

Tournament Menu

Single Elimination Tournament



Double Elimination Tournament



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