How to use the wireless controller (DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller).


L1-PS4-15px button: Story Assist
Touch pad button: Chat Log / Player List Display
R1-PS4-15px button: Rage Arts
Directional buttons: Menu selection, Move character
Left stick: Move character
OPTIONS button: Skip, Display Pause menu
triangle-PS4-15px button: Right punch
carre-PS4-15px button: Left punch
rond-PS4-15px button: Back, Right kick
croix-PS4-15px button: Confirm, Left kick

* Controls can be edited in Options > Controller Setup.

* This game supports the vibration function in the wireless controller (DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller). Make sure the vibration function is enabled in the Controllers setting of the PlayStation®4 system.

Notes on graphics in text

Icons represent buttons on the wireless controller. rond-PS4-15px is the rond-PS4-15px button, croix-PS4-15px is the croix-PS4-15px button, triangle-PS4-15px is the triangle-PS4-15px button, carre-PS4-15px is the carre-PS4-15px button, R1-PS4-15px is the R1-PS4-15px button. The other controls are listed below.

* Note the moves controls on page 3 – 9 are for when the character is facing right. Mirror the controls when facing left.

rond-PS4-15px croix-PS4-15px buttons mean to press in order.
rond-PS4-15px + croix-PS4-15px Press the indicated button simultaneously.
[rond-PS4-15px croix-PS4-15px] Quickly press the buttons inside of the brackets.
right-w-15px Press the directional buttons.
right-PS4-15px Press and hold down the directional buttons.
star-PS4-15px Release directional buttons to neutral position.



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