Game Controls

Basic controls are indicated in each screen. See each page for details on controls. You can change the Battle controls in the “Button Configuration” in the Configs. Menu.

USING THE DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller

This section gives the names and basic functions of the buttons on the DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller. Up to four players can play simultaneously during a battle.


Button callouts are displayed at the bottom of the Options Menu to show which controls are available.



Left Stick: Move characters /Walk (Holding the  button)
Right Stick: Rotate camera view
Press the button: Turn camera to the North
Press the button: Call Ba’ul
Directional buttons: Zoom in/out (Up Button & Down Button) Turn character (Right Button & Left Button).
Button: Examine / Enter towns & dungeons
button: Switch Mini Map display
Button: Display Options Menu
/ buttons: Rotates camera view in field map only when user is boarded on ship ‘Fiertia’ or ‘Ba’ul’. User need to rotate Right stick in order to rotate camera view in Field Map
Options button: Pause the game
Touch Pad Button: Start a skit


Left Stick: Move characters / Walk (Holding the button)
Right Stick: Turn character
Directional buttons: Turn character (Right Button & Left Button)
button: Talk / Examine
button: Shoot Sorcerer’s Ring
Button: Display Options Menu
button: Casual action
Options button: Pause the game
Touch Pad Button: Start a skit


Left Stick / Directional buttons: Select menu items
 button: Confirm
button: Cancel
button: Change leader
/ button: Switch characters & item category
/ button: Switch secondary categories


Left Stick: Move characters / Free run (Holding  button) / Select a target (while casting magic/attack) / Move free cursor
Right Stick: Use Artes shortcut
Directional button: Activate Over Limit
button: Activate Artes (with the Left Stick)
button: Normal attack
button: Guard
button: Display Battle menu
Button: Trigger Fatal Strike
Button: Cancel item request
Button: Display target (Switch target by Directional buttons/Left stick (left & right))
Options button: Pause the game
Touch pad Button: Switch control mode

NOTE: Some controls only become available as the game progresses.

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