Battle Screen


Screen & Rules

When you come in contact with an enemy on the Map Screen, or if an event triggers a battle, you are brought to the Battle Screen. Here are the basic screens and rules of the Battle Screen.


Press the button to display the Battle Menu. It will give you many Encounter Options. You can pause by pressing the Options button.

 Over Limit Gauge 

 Battle Message

 Current Target
Indicates the current target.

Ally Status
HP on the top, TP on the bottom.

Damages / Hits
This displays the amount of the damage dealt and consecutive hits made to the targets.


For single play, you play as the first character. Characters other than the controlled character automatically fight based on the assigned strategy. You win when all on-screen enemies are defeated. After a battle, you will obtain EXP or Gald, and the characters’ TP will recover slightly. You may occasionally gain items.


When the HP of all characters in battle reach zero and/or all non KO’ed characters are petrified, you are defeated and the game is over.
Press the button to display the Load Screen and select the data to restart from your last saved point. Remember to save at every opportunity.


Once you defeat your opponent(s), the Battle Result Screen is displayed. Press the button to view acquired items, titles, and level-up information. By pressing the button, you can bypass the Battle Result Screen. Press the button to check your grade ranking in detail.


EXP: Experience points you earned
BONUS: Earned from the max hit and added to earned EXP.
MAX COMBO: Largest combo attained during the current battle.
LP: Points used to learn skills
GALD: Gald you earned
TIME: Time spent in battle
GRADE: Grade you earned. It can be used to purchase special features in the grade shop when the game is cleared. It’s also used in many other ways.


View the assigned menus set in the shortcuts by using the Left Stick or the Directional button up/down/left/right. You can cook by pressing the button. Make sure to set the recipes beforehand.


Pressing the  button during battle brings up the Battle Menu. You can use items, change equipment and give the other party members instructions here.


While the Battle Menu is displayed, the battle is paused.

 Battle Menu

 Strategy & Camera

 Enemy Info

Current Control Mode
If the control mode of the character you play is changed, the control type is displayed for a short period of time.

You can assign artes and instruct auto-controlled characters to use artes immediately.

You can change the equipment of the characters immediately.

You can use items by selecting a character then the item you wish them to use. When you use an item, the Item Gauge is displayed. You can’t use another item until the Item Gauge disappears.

Item Gauge

You can examine and change the battle strategy.

You can attempt to escape from the battle. When you select Escape, the Escape Gauge appears. When the Escape Gauge fills up, you may be able to run away from the battle. To cancel Escape, select this menu again. You may not always be able to escape successfully.

Escape Gauge


Press the Touch pad button to switch the control mode of the controlled character. Once the control mode setting is changed, it will remain in effect even after the battle ends.


Using Left Stick or Directional Button while holding the button allows you to change strategy settings in the Battle Menu.


On the Battle Menu, by holding down the button, you can zoom in and out with button and change the angle of the camera with button.


Attributes & Status Effects

In battle, attributes and characters’ conditions could become keys to victory or defeat. Watch both enemies and other party members so that you can utilise their attributes and conditions effectively.


Some equipment and artes have attributes. By equipping or using them, the character may obtain an Attack Attribute, Resistance Attribute or Weak Attribute. Enemies also have attributes, so the attributes both you and the enemies have affect the damage dealt and received in the battle. You can check each character’s attribute on the Status Screen and check each enemy’s attributes using the Magic Lens item or in the Monster Book.


Fire (red)
Water (blue)
Wind (green)
Earth (yellow)
 Light (gold)
Darkness (purple)


If you use artes that have attributes that the enemy is weak against, you can inflict heavier damage. On the other hand, your damage decreases if you use artes with attributes that the enemy is strong against.


Using a Magic Lens during battle allows you to examine the enemy’s level, statistics and attributes. After battle, detailed information will appear in the Monster book. This includes items that may be stolen. Be sure to use it effectively.


Special attacks from enemies or effects from artes may cause changes to the character’s conditions, known as Status Effects. There are two kinds of Status Effects: Physical Ailments and Magical Ailments. While Magical Ailments recover after a certain period of time, Physical Ailments can only be cured by using specific artes or staying at an inn.

HP reaches zero and the character is unable to move.

Displayed when the character has a Status Effect.


Poison: HP decreases over time.
Contamination: Spirit is affected and TP decreases over time.
Sealed Artes: Prevents the use of artes.
Sealed Skills: Prevents the use of skills.
Weak: Decreases max HP by half.
Paralysis: Restricts various actions.
Petrify: Character is unable to move.

NOTE: When all your active party members become petrified or KO’ed, you are defeated and the game is over.


Change in Physical Attack: Physical attack ability rises or falls.
Change in Physical Defense: Physical defense ability rises or falls.
Change in Magical Attack: Magical attack ability rises or falls.
Change in Magical Defense: Magical defense ability rises or falls.
Auto Recover: Automatically revived when KO’ed.
Sleep: Unable to move.
Charm: In Manual or Semi-Auto mode, the control buttons change randomly. In Auto mode, the character acts independently ignoring the pre-set strategy.

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