Beginning and Saving the Game

The title screen will appear once you launch the game. Press any button to display the main menu.

Main Menu

The main menu has the following options. Use the directional buttons or left stick to select an option and press croix-PS4-15px button to confirm.


New Game

Start the story from the beginning.


Select a save file to load and continue from where you left off.


View game-related license notices.

Downloadable Content

Connect to PlayStation®Store to download items and other bonuses.

Saving the data

You can save your progress in the game by visiting a save point on the map screen. Proceed to the save point and press croix-PS4-15px button, then select a file to save from system menu. You must have at least 36.71 MB of free space on the hard disk drive of your PlayStation®4 system.



Press the OPTIONS button during gameplay to display the Pause Menu, then select Quicksave to save your progress in the game.
• Quicksave data will not be deleted after loading.
• Only one quicksave file can be created at a time.


The Pause Menu

Press the OPTIONS button during gameplay or during battle to pause the game and display the Pause Menu. The Controls option gives you a rundown of the controls in the game; check it out if you aren’t sure about how to control something. Select Return to Game or press OPTIONS button again to return to the game.


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