Here is a basic outline of the game’s controls. Consult the other sections of the manual for information on controls in specific game screens.

DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller

ps4 controller

Map screen controls

directional-buttons-ps4-15px: (Left button/Right button) Menu shortcuts
Left stick: Run
Right stick: Move camera
croix-PS4-15px button: Enter/exit/examine/talk
triangle-PS4-15px button: Trigger Skit
carre-PS4-15px button: Display location map
rond-PS4-15px button: Cancel/walk (with left stick)
L1-PS4-15px button: Reset camera
L2-PS4-15px button: Use Denore Bottle/Inoph Bottle
R1-PS4-15px button: (Hold down) Display navigation
R2-PS4-15px button: Get on Geoboard
R3-PS4-15px button: Switch camera distance
Touch pad button: Display menu screen
OPTIONS button: Display Pause Menu

Menu controls

directional-buttons-ps4-15px: Select option
Left stick: Quick-scroll through options
croix-PS4-15px button: Confirm
rond-PS4-15px button: Cancel
L1-PS4-15px button / R1-PS4-15px button: Switch characters/categories
L2-PS4-15px button / R2-PS4-15px button: Change artes or equipped skills
Touch pad button: Close menu

Battle controls

directional-buttons-ps4-15px: Switch Blast (Left button / Right button: select character, Up button / Down button: change character)
Left stick: Move
Right stick: Rotate camera
croix-PS4-15px button / rond-PS4-15px button / triangle-PS4-15px button / carre-PS4-15px button: Use artes
L1-PS4-15px button: Defend / reset camera / switch character in control (with Left/Right)
L2-PS4-15px button: (Hold) Launch Mystic Arte
R1-PS4-15px button: Change targets (with left stick) / (hold) display enemy info/display enemy details (with rond-PS4-15px button) / (press quickly) target nearby enemy
R2-PS4-15px button: (Hold) Use Break Soul
R3-PS4-15px button: Show or remove command/issue command (with L1-PS4-15px button/ L2-PS4-15px button)
Touch pad button: Display Battle Menu
OPTIONS button: Display Pause Menu

During events or skits

croix-PS4-15px button: Advance conversation
rond-PS4-15px button: Fast forward (conversation window only)
R1-PS4-15px button: Skip event (with croix-PS4-15px button)
OPTIONS button: Display Pause Menu

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