Starting the Game 

Title Screen

The title screen displays upon starting the game.
Press any button while on the title screen to open the menu.
When starting the game for the first time, the game will create a new save file.
Making a new save file requires 250MB of free disk space.

New Game

Starts a new game.
If save data already exists, this option will overwrite it and create new save data.

LOAD CHAPTER / Recovery Tool

Loads save data from the beginning of a chapter.
Current save data will be overwritten.


Shows the credit roll. Unlocked after clearing certain conditions.


Loads the most recent save file.


Opens the gallery, where artwork and movies seen in the game can be viewed again. Unlocked after clearing certain conditions.

SAO Shop

Opens the SAO Shop.


Opens the CUBE menu.


Sets preference for gathering play data used in offering services and increasing game quality.


This game has an autosave feature.
An icon will display while saving the game. Please do not turn off your PlayStation®4 system during this process.
Save data comes in two types: autosave/manual and chapter save. Chapter save data updates at the beginning of a new story chapter, while manual saving can be done at save points found in the field.
Save points are shown on the compass and mini map.
The Load Chapter option on the title screen can load chapter save data. Please note that this will overwrite your most recent save data.

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