Playing Multiplayer Mode

The online Multiplayer Mode can have up to four players.
Each player is allowed to have one partner, meaning there will be a total of eight characters (4 players + 4 partners).

About Multiplayer Mode

The game and scenario progression will fit to match the host of the room.
You cannot join a room hosted by someone who has progressed further in the game than you.
If the player hosting catches up to your game progression, the multiplayer mode progression will count toward your game’s progression.

Multiplayer Mode Functions

During multiplayer mode, you can send chat messages and, when in Central Cathedral, you can give items.
If a main scenario event or joint battle quest occurs, it may be necessary to bring all of the room’s players together.

Unavailable Features in Multiplayer Mode

■ You cannot pass the time by resting in places like Kirito’s Tent.
■ You cannot access character creation.
■ You cannot have a party with Adventurers.
■ You cannot select [Save and Return to Title] from a save point.
■ You cannot initiate a heart-to-heart talk.

Arts Code Exchange

You can add tags and comments to Arts Codes you have saved, and upload them.
You can also search for and download other players’ uploaded Arts Codes via Ranking or Search.
It is impossible to edit segments from downloaded Arts Codes, but they can be customized and set to a character that uses the same weapon.
Downloaded Arts Codes can receive likes. Their rankings will fluctuate depending on the number of likes and downloads.

Uploading Your Arts Code

Go to Record in the menu and bring up Arts Code. Press the button to add a tag or explanation and then upload it.
Check the number of downloads and likes for your uploaded Arts Codes from the Upload List in the network menu.
Note: Pressing button on the highlighted arts code brings up the ‘To Network Menu’ and ‘Upload’ option, and is not related to adding a tag or comment to the arts code before uploading it.

Downloading Other Players’ Arts Codes

Search for Arts Codes fitting parameters you set in the search function of the network menu, or look through popular Arts Codes in Ranking.
You can store up to 210 Arts Codes that you have created or downloaded.

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