Displays character stats.
You can view your character’s main stats, such as current and max HP/SP, EXP, Sacred Arts EXP, Attack, Defense, and Damage, as well as four sub-stat types.

The four sub-stats are:
STR: Your physical strength. Impacts your attack.
VIT: Your vitality. Impacts your health, defense, and resistance to status ailments.
DEX: Your dexterity. Impacts the accuracy of your attacks.
AGI: Your agility. Impacts your evasion.


You can change which weapons, armor, and accessories (ornaments) you have equipped.
Some accessories can be used to increase all manner of stats, not just your defense.


Here you can change the appearance of your equipment without changing any stats.

Buff & Debuff List

Lists the stat buffs (increases) and debuffs (decreases) granted to your current equipment, etc.


View your proficiency by weapon category. Using weapons increases their proficiency.
You will need a certain amount of proficiency to acquire Sword Skills. Proficiency also alters stats like attack.

Skill Palette

Use the Skill Palette to select and adjust the settings of Sword Skills and Battle Skills. Choose which Sword Skills are used in your Combo Finish and set your Passive Skills.

Skill Map

The Skill Map is where you can use Skill Points earned in battles or from the story to acquire new skills.
You can acquire four kinds of skills: Sword Skills, Battle Skills, Passive Skills, and EX Skills.
You can personalize your character by unlocking different ATK (Attack Type), DEF (Defense Type), or BUF (Support Type) skills, among others.


Use or view details for equipment, consumables, valuables, and other items in your possession.
Unneeded items can be sold at shops or discarded using the command list.


Records let you set specific battle behaviors for your allies.
Choose general behaviors for individual characters by selecting Persona or Anima, and even make detailed selections on how they act in different situations.
The records you create can be saved and used for specific situations such as standard fights or boss battles.
Your affinity with your ally will determine the likelihood and accuracy with which they perform these actions, as well as the kinds of actions you can set.


You can select the detailed map, which shows the area around your character, or the world map that shows the entire game world.
The detailed map will display icons for shops, different quests, and more.
You can drop a pin to mark a location by pressing the left stick.

Quest List

Shows details and starting locations for all the quests you can accept and have cleared.
To receive directions, use your cursor to select a quest and set it as your destination.


Sound Settings

Adjusts the volume for music, sound effects, and more.


Changes the default button configurations.

Lightplay Mode / Other Settings 2

Changes camera settings, text speed, auto-jumping over obstacles, weapon auto-sheathing, and controller vibration.


Adjusts game brightness.


Select characters from your friend list to create or alter your party.
You can also search for a party or recruit one when playing online.

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