Central Cathedral

Central Cathedral

Centoria stands at the center of the Four Empires of the Human Realm, and serves as a base for your adventure.
There are crafting shops such as weapon and item shops, blacksmiths, and even engravers. Some citizens will have quests for you.
The coach can be used to travel to any of the four empires.


Prepare for upcoming adventures by enhancing equipment at the weapon and armor shops.
At the item shop, you can purchase recovery potions and a variety of other items. At the materials shop, you can purchase materials needed for crafting.

Crafting / Dying

You can craft items with materials you’ve collected from the field and defeated enemies, as well as those you’ve purchased from the material shop.
There are different types of artisan crafters, including blacksmiths, engravers, and apothecaries.
You can also craft dye, which is used to dye your outfits whatever color you like.
Crafting repeatedly will increase how much the craftspeople trust you and earn you recipes for items.
These recipes allow you to craft items yourself.

Heart-to-Heart Talk

Once Comm Points are unlocked, you will be able to initiate a heart-to-heart talk with your partner.
Walk to a Comm Point and press the button to start a heart-to-heart talk and increase the affinity you have with your partner.
The atmosphere and affinity will change depending on the content of your talk. Use the right stick to adjust the distance from your partner and see different conversation choices.
As your affinity level increases, you will be able to hold your partner’s hand and carry them. A special event will occur when you build enough affinity with your partner.

Kirito’s Tent

You can perform the following actions at Kirito’s Tent.
■ Character Creation: Change Kirito’s appearance and online player name.
■ Encyclopedia: Read entries on different terms to expand your understanding of the world.
■ Recollections: View previously seen stories, as well as those yet to be told.
■ View: Look over previously viewed tutorials.
■ Change Difficulty: Change the game’s difficulty settings.
■ Rest: Move forward in time.

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