Getting Started

When you boot up the game, you will be taken to the title screen.
Press any button to head to the menu screen.

Save Data

This game uses an auto-save feature.
Do not turn off the PlayStation®4 system while the save/load icon is displayed in the bottom-left of the screen.
To play this game, you need 10.32 GB of free space on your PlayStation®4 system’s hard disk drive (HDD).
(Installation data: approx. 10.32GB. Save data: approx. 157.5MB.)
• When starting the game for the first time, data will be installed to the PlayStation®4 system’s HDD.
• You need to insert the game’s disc to play.
The data installed to the HDD is only part of the data required for the game.
A disc is not required for the download version of the game.

Playing Online

To play online, you must purchase PlayStation®Plus membership.
Please refer to support of PlayStation®4 for information on how to join and what the service offers.
For information on connecting to the internet and internet settings, please refer to the PlayStation®4 instruction manual or contact support.
The online content may not run as desired due to the network service.
A poor internet connection may cause you to lose data, experience lag, or be disconnected from the online service.
The network service can’t guarantee you will be able to play with other players in the same conditions.

When Playing Online

• Please obey all rules and laws, and behave in a polite manner.
• Make sure you are not in a hurry.
• Do not disconnect while playing versus modes.
Disconnecting inconveniences other players and you may incur a penalty as a result.



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