Customize the regular characters or a character of your own creation.
SoulCalibur VI gives you access to all sorts of races!

Creating a Character:
1) Select “Unique” or “Customize”.
2) Select the data you wish to edit.
3) Edit your character.

1) Select “Unique” or “Customize”.

Use button or button to choose either option.

The “Customize” option only appears if you are connected to the network.

Differences between “Unique” and “Customize”

BaseShare Over NetworkOnline VS ModesMax. No. of Saves
UniqueData You Created PossibleUseable100
CustomizeData Others CreatedNot PossibleNot Useable 100

You can only share over the network and use online VS modes if you are connected to the network.

2) Select the data slot you wish to edit.

Once you’ve selected either “Unique” or “Customize” you need to choose a data slot to edit. If you choose the former, you will be taken to the skin/regular character selection screen. If you choose the latter, you will be taken to the data acquisition screen. Use  button or button to select data and press confirm ( button) to acquire it. (Please note that you can’t acquire characters if you don’t own them or their equipment.)

Differences between “Original Character Creation” and “Regular Character Customization”
In Original Character Creation, all features are available.

The following changes are evident in SOULCALIBUR Character Customization:
• Everything in relation to the body can be changed except for the hairstyle. (The exception is Geralt, whose body can’t be altered.)
• The fighting style can’t be changed.
• You can change between colours 1 and 2. (The colour-changing method varies between characters.)

Characters whose Colour Can Be Changed
After selecting any character except Voldo, Yoshimitsu, Nightmare, Astaroth, Inferno, or Geralt, you will be able to change their colour by going to “Equipment” followed by “Choose from Template”, and then going to the bottom and selecting “Colour 2”.

Character Creation Home (Edit Character)

Here, you will learn the steps for creating an original character.

Edit Menu
The character creation menu.

The image used in the data slot. It can be edited in “Take Picture”.

Change weapons, effects, and fighting styles. (You can’t change the fighting style for the regular characters.)

Change race, gender, body type, hairstyle, etc. You can change the shape of your character in multiple ways.
For regular characters, you can only change their hairstyle. (Changes can’t be made to Inferno or Geralt.)

Change equipment. You have three options: Edit Manually, Generate at Random and Choose from Template.

Change the body and equipment colour, or adjust the settings related to equipment patterns and stickers. Note that you can change and adjust the settings for weapon at the same time.

Battle Comments
Settings related to the battle comments shown in battle.

Enter Name
Name your character. Regular characters’ names can’t be changed.

Mock Battle
Test your character in a mock-battle environment.

Take Picture
Take a photo of your character, which will be shown as a thumbnail on the data slot.

Original Character Creation


Set the angle and pose, a frame to use and so on in order to create yourself a unique thumbnail.

Colours/Patterns/Stickers (Edit) Screen

Select either “Body”, “Equipment”, “Stickers” or “Weapons” with the button or button.


Make changes to skin colour, hair colour, etc., add facial effects (make-up, scars, etc.), the colour of parts related to your character’s skin (such as their tail). However, you can’t change the eye colour and skin colour of the regular characters.

Note that you can’t make changes to patterns here.

– Equipment

Settings related to patterns and changing the colour or equipment. (The pattern of some parts can’t be changed.)

–  – Stickers

Settings related to equipment and skin stickers. You can get cut and stain stickers as well as ones with designs and letters on them.

– Weapons

Change the colour of the weapon and its motion effects. Please note that the patterns for some weapons can’t be changed, and you can only change the colour of motion effects.

SOULCALIBUR Character Customization


Partial Shadow Set (Taki)


Warrior Set (Mitsurugi)


Placing Stickers

• When overlapping, the left edge will be on top and the right edge on the bottom.

Top Layer

Lower Layer

Sticker Status

• You can place a maximum of eight all over, but four on one piece of equipment. (The amount you have placed will be shown in Sticker Limit.)

• When placing on the left and right, even if you are asked to place the sticker on either side, the sticker may end up being placed on both.

Select Left Arm


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