Starting the Game


Thank you for purchasing Saint Seiya: Soldiers’ Soul from Bandai Namco Entertainment for your PlayStation®4 system. Make sure to read this manual before playing to make the most of your gaming experience.

Before Starting

Data Install

This game needs to be installed on the hard disk drive (HDD) of your PlayStation®4 system before playing. The game won’t be playable until this data is installed.
Installation requires at least 3.65 GB of free hard disk space. The data installed is required for running the game, but you will also have to keep the game disc in the system during gameplay.


You can earn trophies during gameplay for reaching certain game goals or conditions. When you earn one, you’ll hear a sound and see a notice telling you what you’ve earned.

* Consult the PlayStation®4 User’s Guide ( for the latest information on trophies.

Save Data

This game features an auto-save function that creates a save file for you at the start of the game, then automatically saves your progress at the end of battles and at other important points. You must have at least 10.49 MB of free hard disk space to save your game.

Main Menu

Main Menu

Press the OPTIONS button at the title screen to bring up the Main Menu, where you select which mode you want to play. Use directional buttons or Left Stick to pick a mode, then press croix-PS4-15px to confirm.


Legend of Cosmo

Play through the events of the original Saint Seiya story.


Battle of Gold

Try your hand at a special story where you light the torches obtained in-game to summon Gold Saints wearing God Cloths.



Enjoy single or multiplayer battles using a variety of rulesets.

Online battle

Go online and battle against players from around the globe.

Assist Phrase

Purchase and equip Assist Phrases to customize and power-up your characters.


Adjust the game’s assorted settings.



Use the Cosmo Points you earn in-game to purchase costumes and stages for use in battle, view characters and events, and check your player data.




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