Control settings

The controls described in this manual all follows Pattern A controls, which is the default control setting. Select “Control settings” in the Options menu to change them.
* If you’re using a DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller, select “Control settings” from the Options menu to turn vibration on or off. Also ensure that the vibration function is enabled in the system settings.



Basic Menu Controls

Left Stick / directional buttons: Move / Move Cursor / Navigate through modes / Next/Previous Page
carre-PS4-15px : Purchase / Confirm invitation / Re-search
triangle-PS4-15px: Confirm Cart / Change Pose
croix-PS4-15px: Confirm / Select/Deselect
rond-PS4-15px: Back / Cancel
L1-PS4-15px / R1-PS4-15px:  Navigate through menus
L2-PS4-15px / R2-PS4-15px: Navigate through menus / Shrink/Enlarge

Battle Controls

Left Stick: Move Character
carre-PS4-15px: Regular attack
triangle-PS4-15px: Strong attack
rond-PS4-15px: Photon
croix-PS4-15px: Jump (*Press at the timing you hit the ground to Break-fall)
Press carre-PS4-15px multiple times: Weak combo
Press triangle-PS4-15px multiple times : Strong Combo
Hold L1-PS4-15px: Guard
Hold L2-PS4-15px: Cosmo Charge
R1-PS4-15px: Lightspeed move (*When opponent’s attack is about to hit you.)
R3-PS4-15px: Seventh Sense Awakening (*When Seventh Sense Gauge is full)
OPTIONS button: Pause Menu

Special Battle Controls

L1-PS4-15px + croix-PS4-15px: Step (*Use with Left Stick to step in any direction)
L1-PS4-15px + carre-PS4-15px or triangle-PS4-15px: Throw (*Same command to escape from opponent’s throw)
L2-PS4-15pxcarre-PS4-15px: Burst regular attack
L2-PS4-15px + triangle-PS4-15px: Burst strong attack
L2-PS4-15px + croix-PS4-15px: Burst dash
R2-PS4-15pxcarre-PS4-15px: Special move 1
R2-PS4-15px + triangle-PS4-15px: Special move 2
R2-PS4-15px + rond-PS4-15px: Big Bang Attack (BBA) (*Only when Seventh Sense Gauge is full or during Awakening)

* Special moves 1 and 2, Photon, Lightspeed move, Burst regular/strong attacks and Burst dashes all consume your Cosmo gauge.
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