This mode lets you purchase and browse through Collections, as well as view your player data. Use the Left Stick or directional buttons to select a menu, then press croix-PS4-15px to open it.


Check out the movies, BGM (background music) and so on that you’ve obtained in the game. Use the Left Stick or directional buttons to select the menu you want, then press croix-PS4-15px to confirm. Select the character or movie you want to view, then press croix-PS4-15px to confirm.

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Collection Shop

Go here to purchase Assist Phrases, costumes, stages, characters and assorted Purchase items.

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Athena’s Room

Go here to view your player records in each game mode.

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Player data

This menu displays assorted player data. Press the Left Stick or directional buttons  up or down to scroll through the menu. Press L1-PS4-15px / R1-PS4-15px to switch between Player data and your Player card.

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Player card

View the Player card used in online battles.
Press L2-PS4-15px / R2-PS4-15px to switch between online battle record displays.

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You can also press carre-PS4-15px to change your Constellation, or triangle-PS4-15px to change your titles.
Use L2-PS4-15px / R2-PS4-15px to switch between and adjust Title 1 and Title 2 in tandem.

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