Battle Rules


1. HP Gauge: Shows the characters’ remaining HP.
2. Timer: The amount of time left in the round. When this  hits zero, the battle is over and the character with the most HP left wins.
3. Round counter: Icons showing the number of rounds won so far.
4. Combo counter: The number of hits in the current combo (if one is active).
5. Seventh Sense Gauge: A gauge that fills up as you perform assorted moves or perform a Cosmo charge. When it hits max, you’ll be able to perform a Seventh Sense Awakening.
6. Cosmo Gauge: A gauge consumed by burst dashes, burst regular/strong attacks, and so on. Charge it up by striking with your attacks, taking damage, or performing a Cosmo charge.

Basic Rules

The player who cuts their foe’s HP down to zero first wins the round. Whichever side wins two rounds first is the winner of the battle (in the default settings). Go to “Battle Settings” in the Options menu to change the number of rounds required for victory.


If you and your opponent’s HP reach zero at the same time or if you both have the same amount of HP when time expires, the round is declared a draw.
If you and your opponent draw the final round in “Galaxy War”, player 1 will be declared the winner. (For all other battles, both players will be declared loser.)


Pause Menu

Press the OPTIONS button during battle to display the Pause Menu. The choices you’re given depend on your current game mode.


Continue playing: Leave the Pause Menu and return to battle.
Command list: View a command list for your character.
Combo list: View a list of unique combos for your character.
Retry *1/3/6: Restart the battle from the beginning.
Return to Episode Select *1: End the episode and return to the Episode Select screen.
Return to character selection *2/3/6: Return to the Character Select screen.
Return to battle mode start *3/4/5/6/7: Return to the Battle top screen.
Return to start of survival mode *4: Return to the Survival top screen.
Return to tournament selection *5: Return to the Tournament Select screen.
Return to Galaxy War mode start *5: Return to the Galaxy War top screen.
Training Settings *6: Open the Training Settings menu.
Return to the Tutorial Menu *7: Return to the Tutorial menu.
Return to main menu *7: Return to the Main Menu.
Mute settings *8: Adjust the mute settings (while spectating).
Leave *8: Leave the session (while spectating).

*1: Legend of Cosmo
*2: Battle of Gold
*3: Battle (VS)
*4: Battle (Survival)
*5: Battle (Galaxy War)
*6: Battle (Training)
*7: Battle (Tutorial)
*8: Online battle


When battle ends, the game will show the Battle Result screen. You’ll be ranked based on your remaining HP, time and rank bonus for each round and receive a Cosmo Point bonus at the end.
Viewing the Battle Result Screen


1. Time Points: Cosmo Points earned for the time left after each round.
2. HP Points: Cosmo Points earned for the HP left after each round.
3. Rank bonus: Bonus earned depending on rank.
4. Aquired Points: Total Cosmo Points earned in the battle.
5. Total Cosmo Points: Your current total Cosmo Point tally.
6. Rank: A rating of your battle results.

* For online ranked matches, you’ll see another results screen after this one showing the points you earned for playing online. This screen shows the Player (PRP) or Custom Points (CRP) earned for a Player Rank or Custom Rank battle, respectively. You’ll be rewarded Cosmo Points depending how you did in battle and how evenly matched you were with your opponent.
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