Assist Phrase

Equipping the Assist Phrases you purchase lets you customize your characters. These customized fighters can be used in Battle of Gold mode, regular Battles under the “Assist Phrase” ruleset, and online Custom battles or Custom rank battles.

Equip Assist Phrase

To equip a purchased Assist Phrase, select a character and press croix-PS4-15px. A list of Assist Phrases will be shown. Select the one you want to equip and press croix-PS4-15px to confirm. Equipped Assist Phrases are shown in yellow text.

Equipment slots

Equipped Assist Phrases are stored in special equipment slots.
You can equip as many Assist Phrases as you like, but they all have to fit together in your equipment slots. You can increase the number of slots you have (up to 8) using a certain item.

Assist Phrase List Screen


1. Character: Press L2-PS4-15px / R2-PS4-15px to change.
2. List order: Press L1-PS4-15px / R1-PS4-15px to change the list order.
3. Favorite icon: Press carre-PS4-15px while selecting an Assist Phrase to turn the Favorite icon on or off.
4. Slots: The amount of slots needed to equip that Assist Phrase.
5. Max slots: The total slot cost of your selected Assist Phrases.
6. Slot-boost item / number: The item used to increase your number of slots, along with your inventory stock.

Using the Item

If you have a slot-boost item, press triangle-PS4-15px to use it. You can use multiple to boost your number to maximum.

Purchase Assist Phrase

Select “Purchase Assist Phrase” to go to the Collection Shop screen, where you can purchase Assist Phrases, costumes, stages and assorted Collection items. Select the Assist Phrase you want to purchase and presscroix-PS4-15px. The text will turn yellow and the item will be placed in your cart. Press carre-PS4-15px to purchase the selected Assist Phrase.

Saint Seiya: Soldiers' Soul_20150814095932

Press triangle-PS4-15px to display the list of Assist Phrases and other items currently in your cart.

Saint Seiya: Soldiers' Soul_20150814092757

Press L2-PS4-15px / R2-PS4-15px to switch between other items. Press L1-PS4-15px / R1-PS4-15px to change the list order.
Assist Phrases and other items are shown in red when you don’t have enough money to purchase them.

Saint Seiya: Soldiers' Soul_20150814092108

Purchase Items

Assist Phrases and slot-boost items are used when equipping Assist Phrases. The torch item is used in Battle of Gold mode. Costumes can be chosen in the Character Select screen, stages can be chosen in the Stage Select screen and BGM (background music) and gallery characters can be accessed in the Gallery under Collection Menu.

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Additional Assist Phrases

Assist Phrases marked by “?????” will become available for purchase later as you proceed through the game.

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