Free Battle

This mode lets you define any ruleset you like and fight COM or a friend in a two-player battle, as well as train yourself against an AI opponent.

Free Battle Menu

Select the mode you want to play.

1P Play

Battle against COM.

2P Play

Battle against another player. Two controllers are required for this.



Engage in any training you choose, using a COM opponent whose behavior you can define.

Rule Settings

Change the rules of 1P Play and 2P Play mode.

Free Battle Flow

Select a mode to play, then select characters to play as or fight against. In 1P Play and Training modes, you’ll use player one’s controller to select characters for the COM. In 2P Play mode, player two will use their own controller instead. After that, select a stage to fight in, and battle will begin afterward.

Teams of Four or More

In Free Battle, your team can have up to nine battle and three support characters. If you select four or more battle characters, the battle will use a block-based system. Whenever one team’s block of characters is KOed, the battle will be stopped for a moment, then restarted with the next block of fighters. The winning side’s HP and other gauges will remain where they were before.

Stage Select

Use the left stick or directional buttons to select a stage,  L1-PS4-15px button and R1-PS4-15px button to select your music. Press triangle-PS4-15px button to play the selected tune.
Set your stage to “?” and your music to “Random” to play with randomly-picked selections.


Rule Settings

First, select which mode you want to change the rules for: 1P Play, or 2P Play.
Move the left stick or press up directional button and down directional button to select a rule, then move the left stick/press left directional button or right directional button to change it. Press L1-PS4-15px button and R1-PS4-15px button to switch between pages.

Time Limit: Change how long each battle lasts.
Select (infinity) for no time limit.


HP / Burning Gauge: Change the state of player one and player two/the AI’s gauges. Select “Always MAX”, and the gauges won’t go down even if you’re damaged or use Ultimate Attacks.

Support Char. Gauge: Change the number of times player one and player two/the AI can call on support characters. Select “Always MAX”, and you can use them as many times as you like during battle.


In 1P Play mode, you can define COM Strength between 1 and 7, with 1 the weakest and 7 the strongest.
For 2P Play mode, meanwhile, you can opt whether to turn Split Screen on or off.
If you turn this off, the screen will never be split, and the battle will always be shown from a single vantage point.

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