Battle Controls


Movement: Left stick

Move the left stick to move your character in any direction


Jump: croix-PS4-20px button

Press this button to execute a jump. You can also execute assorted attacks during your jump.


Sidestep: Move left stick with rond-PS4-20px button held

Step in the direction you move the left stick.
Sidestepping will not protect you from a Heavy Guard Break.


Guard: rond-PS4-20px button

Take a guard position and block enemy attack.
This will not defend you from a Guard Break, Heavy Guard Break, or throwing move.


Flash Guard: rond-PS4-20px button just before an attack hits

Defend yourself to block opponent’s attack.


Flash Counter: Left stick up + carre-PS4-20px button just before an attack hits

Use your Ability Gauge to perform a counterattack.



Normal Attack: carre-PS4-20px button

Press repeatedly to execute a combo attack.
You can guard or sidestep to dodge these attacks.


Ranged Attack: Left stick down + carre-PS4-20px button

This can be executed during a combo attack as well. You can guard against it, but sidestepping will not work.


* Consult the Move List in the Pause Menu for more details about each character’s moves.

Special Attacks

Character Unique Action: triangle-PS4-20px button (or left stick down + triangle-PS4-20px button)

Execute an attack unique to your current character.
Some characters have a second unique action. To access it, press triangle-PS4-15px button in the air, or press it while holding the left stick downwards.


Guard Break: carre-PS4-20px button + croix-PS4-20px button

This lets you damage enemies who are guarding (or unleashing their Ability). You can execute this during a combo as well. It cannot be guarded against, but you can sidestep to avoid it.


Heavy Guard Break: triangle-PS4-20px button + rond-PS4-20px button

This lets you damage enemies who are guarding (or unleashing their Ability). Neither guarding nor sidestepping will block this.


* Guard Breaks and Heavy Guard Breaks can be deflected with a normal attack.
* Consult the Move List in the Pause Menu for more details about each character’s moves.

Special attack 1: L1-PS4-15px button + carre-PS4-15px button
Special attack 2: L1-PS4-15px button + triangle-PS4-15px button
Special attack 3: L1-PS4-15px button + rond-PS4-15px button

Execute powerful moves unique to each character.
Some characters have special attacks they can only execute in the air.


Unleash Abilities

Unleash Abilities: PRESS AND HOLD R1-PS4-20px button

Unleash the latent Ability of a character, or bring them into Haki mode if they’re a Haki user. Logia users, for example, can press this to pull off a Logia Guard, while Haki users can execute Haki attacks. While this is active, your Ability Gauge will gradually go down; when it hits zero, your Ability will turn off. The Ability Gauge gradually refills itself over time. If your character is neither a Devil Fruit nor a Haki user, press this button to temporarily power up their stats.


Special Movement: croix-PS4-20px button with Abilities unleashed

Execute a special move skill unique to each character. The effect turns itself off once your Ability Gauge hits zero.


Awakening and Ultimate Attacks

Awaken: R3-PS4-20px button (when Burning Gauge is at max)

Puts your character in Burst mode for a period of time. This may transform them, make them grow larger, or boost their abilities.


Ultimate Attack: R3-PS4-20px button (in Burst mode)

Execute an extremely powerful attack.



When your foe’s HP is low and you’re ready to strike the final blow, press this to execute a powerful Grand Impact.


Crash Down: Strike a blow that brings your foe’s HP to zero or below

Each character has Crash Down moves that trigger when you win a battle using certain attacks.
They may even send foes through buildings and other scenery.



If you have a partner, press L2-PS4-15px button or R2-PS4-15px button to swap places with them. If one of your characters runs out of HP before time expires, your partner will automatically swap in.

Swap: L2-PS4-20px button or R2-PS4-20px button

Press the button next to the partner’s icon to switch places with that partner. You cannot swap in partners if they are out of HP.

L2-PS4-15px button to swap with partner 1
R2-PS4-15px button to swap with partner 2


Unity Moves

Swap in with your partner at certain times, and you’ll use the Burning Gauge to pull off special Unity moves. If your Burning Gauge is empty or unavailable, these moves will not be triggered.

Unity Chain: Requires 2 Burning Gauge segments; triggered when you swap partners after executing certain moves

Your partner executes a follow-up attack.


Unity Assist: Requires 3 Burning Gauge segments; triggered with L2-PS4-20px button or R2-PS4-20px button

Swap with your partner even if you’re being attacked by the enemy.


Unity Clash: Requires 3 Burning Gauge segments; triggered with L2-PS4-20px button or R2-PS4-20px button

Lets you cancel your opponent’s Unity Assist.


* Consult the Move List in the Pause Menu for more details about each character’s moves.

Swapping with Spectators

If your friend has a wireless controller configured to be player two’s, you can switch battle control to that player without physically handing your controller over. During battle, press L2-PS4-15px button or R2-PS4-15px button on player two’s controller to switch control over to the other controller.
You can do this outside of 2P Play mode as well.

* The other controller must be configured as player two’s controller.
* This cannot be done if controller swapping is not available (such as when there’s no one to swap control to).
* Any new save data or Trophies will be awarded to the original player, not the one using player two’s controller.
* Consult the Move List in the Pause Menu for more details about each character’s moves.

Support Characters

If you have a support character, they will perform assorted support moves for you.
(Characters with automatically-triggered support)
These characters will perform a support move when the battle situation calls for it.
Ex.: Monkey D. Dragon


Dragon will refill your Burning Gauge to max if the enemy’s HP drops below 30%.
(Characters with timing-controlled support)
Press the directional buttons up, left, or right to trigger these characters’ support moves.
You can call upon a support move only a certain number of times. Once you exhaust the number of uses, the character’s icon will be darkened.


* Support trigger conditions and effects are shown in the Move List in the Pause Menu, as well as in the support character select screen.
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