Kingdom Overview

Kingdom Overview

As the story progresses, Evan will eventually come to found his own kingdom.
Once he does so, you’ll be able to sit on the throne and dictate the affairs of your realm, developing its capabilities, and making day-to-day adventuring easier in the process.
PLEASE NOTE: You can also enter kingdom management mode by pressing the button while walking around your kingdom.

Facilities and their Functions

Your kingdom will be made up of various buildings known as “facilities.” By building these facilities, carrying out research, and using the facilities’ many and varied functions, you’ll be able to develop all manner of useful tactics, techniques and tools to help you on your adventure. Below are some examples of a few facilities.

The Weapon Workshop/Outfitters: Here, you can create new items of equipment and improve existing ones, and if you carry out the right research, you can even unlock special skills that sleep within certain weapons and armor.
The Higglery: This facility allows you to bring new higgledies into being, and also to level up existing ones by feeding them their favorite treats.
The Spellworks: A magical workshop where new spells can be learned and leveled up.
The Barracks: A military institution where various tactics and techniques to help you succeed in skirmishes can be developed.
The Everyday General Store: A one-stop shop for all your medicinal and material needs.
Mining Camps, Bazaars, Farms, Ranches, etc.: These facilities will gather, grow, or otherwise produce various materials for you. These can then be used to level up higgledies, improve equipment, and earn you all kinds of other bonuses.

Screen Layout

Citizens and Facilities
: Citizens. Shows the number of citizens currently assigned to facilities, and the total number you’ve recruited to your kingdom.
: Facilities. Shows the number of facilities you’ve built, and the total number currently available to build.

Kingsguilders Available
This shows you how many kingsguilders are currently available to be collected from your kingdom’s coffers. The number will increase as time passes.
PLEASE NOTE: When the gauge is full, this means your coffers are filled to bursting, and you won’t be able to earn any more until you’ve emptied them.

Materials Available
This shows you how many items have been gathered or created by your various facilities and placed in the stores for you to collect.
PLEASE NOTE: When the gauge is full, this means your stores are filled to bursting, and your citizens won’t be able to produce any more items until you’ve emptied them.

Influence and Development
As you build facilities, level them up, and carry out research, your kingdom’s influence will gradually increase. The greater it grows, the more quickly you’ll earn kingsguilders. The four icons underneath your influence indicate your kingdom’s proficiency in four key areas.

Current Kingsguilders
These are required in order to build facilities, level them up, and carry out research.

The Kingdom Menu

Manage Your Kingdom: Build facilities on empty plots, level them up, assign citizens to work in them, and carry out research.
Coffers: Claim any kingsguilders your citizens have contributed.
Stores: Claim any items your citizens have gathered or created.
Citizens: See a list of the citizens you’ve recruited to your kingdom so far.
Facilities: See a list of the facilities and empty plots currently available in your kingdom. Select a facility or plot to jump to it on the map.
Research: See a list of currently available research topics and their progress. Select a topic to jump to the facility where it can be performed.
Help: See a list of instructive explanations on how to manage and develop your kingdom.

Development Flow

1. Earn Kingsguilders

In order to build and level up facilities and carry out research, you’ll first need to earn the kingsguilders it will cost to do so.
These will accumulate in your coffers as time passes in the game, and can be collected at any time. The higher your kingdom’s influence, the more quickly kingsguilders will accumulate.

2. Build and Level Up Facilities

Select “Manage Your Kingdom” from the kingdom menu to find an empty plot and build a facility, or go to an existing facility to level it up, improving its capabilities, and opening up new research topics and other exciting features.

3. Assign Personnel and Carry Out Research

In order to carry out their work, your various facilities will need to have personnel assigned to them. Different citizens are experts in different fields, meaning that some are better suited to specific assignments than others. Assigning the right person to the right place may add the IQ required to enable you to research a new topic, or the skills to gather or create entirely new materials.
The research you carry out and the items you produce will enable you to create new weapons and armor to help you on your adventure, and open up a whole range of other exciting possibilities.

Managing Your Kingdom

Development Screen

Selecting “Manage Your Kingdom” from the kingdom menu will take you to an overview of your realm. From here, you can move the cursor to an empty plot or a facility and press the button to select it.

These show you how many citizens are currently assigned to the facility in question.

Facility Info.

Facility Level

Currently Assigned Citizens
The  icon shows that a person is particularly suited to the facility in question.

Research Progress
This shows the research topics completed, and total research topics available.

Total IQ
The total IQ in the facility’s specific field of all the citizens assigned there.

Building Facilities

Each facility can only be built in a specific location. Move to the plot set aside for the facility you wish to build, and press the button, then select “Build Facility” to commence construction.

Using Facilities

Press the button on a facility to bring up a menu allowing you to make use of its various functions.

Assigning Citizens

A citizen can be assigned to each available slot in a facility. In facilities where research can be carried out, the total IQ of that facility will be the sum of the individual IQs of the citizens assigned there.

Personnel Slots
Here, you’ll see all the citizens that have been assigned to the facility. More slots will become available as the facility is leveled up.

The Personnel List
Each facility will require citizens with IQ in one of four main fields in order to carry out research. The number to the right of each citizen on the list shows their IQ in the field that applies to the current facility. Citizens with the icon next to their name are particularly well-suited to the facility in question.

The Four Fields

: Military

: Ingenuity

: Spritecraft

: Spellcraft

Special Skills
You’ll need citizens with specific skills to research certain topics.

The Experience Gauge
As a citizen spends time at a facility, they will earn experience. When the gauge is filled, the citizen can be leveled up, increasing their IQ as they progress from Beginner through Veteran to Master status.


Research is carried out by spending kingsguilders. A given topic can only be researched if you have enough of these, as well as a set of citizens with the requisite amount of IQ assigned to the facility in question. Some topics will also have extra requirements.
Different topics take different amounts of time to research, but the higher the IQ of the citizens assigned to the task, the sooner the research will be completed. You can also spend kingsguilders to speed the process up even further.
PLEASE NOTE: Each topic at each facility can only be researched once.

Leveling Up Facilities

You can level up facilities by spending kingsguilders. However, you may need to meet certain conditions before being able to do so.

Leveling Up Your Kingdom

You can select the palace with the  button to see detailed information on the current status of your kingdom as a whole. Once you have met certain conditions, you’ll be able to level up your realm.
Selecting “Level Up Kingdom” will cause your borders to expand, opening up new areas in which additional facilities can be built.

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