Getting Started

Beginning the Game

Upon loading, the title screen will appear.
If it’s your first time playing, you’ll need to select “New Game.”

Continue: Select this option to carry on playing from a save created during a previous play session.
You can also load autosave data using this option.
PLEASE NOTE: If no save data is present, this option will not be displayed.

New Game: Select this option to play the game from the beginning.

Options: Press the and buttons to cycle between two pages containing a variety of options and settings. On the “Game Settings” page, you can modify camera behavior, turn the vibration function on or off, and select various audiovisual options. On the “Wireless Controller” page, you can choose between two preconfigured control schemes.

Licenses: Check the details of various software licenses pertaining to the game.

Saving Your Progress

You can record your progress by selecting “Save” from the system menu when out in the field or in some towns and buildings. The system menu can be accessed by pressing the touch pad button and then pressing the OPTIONS button.
You will also be able to save your progress at certain other key points during the game, and the autosave system will regularly record your progress as well.
PLEASE NOTE: When your game is being saved, an icon will appear at the left of the screen. Please do not turn off your PlayStation®4 system or exit the game while saving is underway, as you risk corrupting your save data.


While traveling through dungeons and other locations, you’ll often come across mysterious monoliths known as waystones. Examining these will fully restore your party’s HP, and will also offer you an opportunity to save your progress.

Game Background

Join Evan and his friends on a magical journey through a fantastic fairy-tale world filled with people to meet and quests to complete. It promises to be a long and winding road, but the further you progress in your adventure, the more incredible features you’ll uncover!

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the game features described in this manual will not be available at first, but will be unlocked as the story progresses.

Leveling Up

As Evan and his friends defeat enemies in battle, they will earn experience points, and the same is true of units fielded in skirmishes.
When a character or unit earns enough experience, their level will increase, resulting in a boost to all their attributes.

Improve Your Kingdom to Make for Smoother Adventuring

As you develop your kingdom, various avenues of research will become available, unlocking all manner of bonuses, extra items, and other treats. These will allow you to create new equipment, and to enjoy a whole host of benefits that can help Evan on his adventure, including the ability to improve your higgledy heroes.


Non-Battle Controls

Left Stick: Move Character
Right Stick: Move Camera
Button: Reset Camera Position
Button: Jump
Button: Examine/Talk
Button: Inside Your Kingdom: Open Kingdom Management Menu
Outside Your Kingdom: Call Airship
OPTIONS Button: Open Map Menu/(Long Press) Open Trip Door Menu
Touch Pad Button: Open Main Menu
Button: Open Leafbook

Battle/Dungeon Controls

The controls described here are those used for the “Type A” configuration.

Left Stick: Move Character
Right Stick: Move Camera
Button: Outside Battle: Reset Camera Position
In Battle: Target Lock On/Off
Button: Jump
Button: Direct Higgledies
Button: Strong Melee Attack
Button: Quick Melee Attack
OPTIONS Button: Outside Battle: Open Map Menu/(Long Press) Open Trip Door Menu
In Battle: Cycle Through Weapon-Switching Settings
Touch Pad Button: Outside Battle: Open Main Menu
In Battle: Open Item Menu
Button: When Held: Block
In Combination with Left Stick: Dodge
Button: Ranged Attack/(When Held) Charge Ranged Attack
Button: Change Weapon
Button: Hold to Open Skill Palette
(While Skill Palette Is Open) Button/ Button/ Button/ Button: Use Corresponding Skill
Up/Down Directional Button: Change Character
Left/Right Directional Button: When Locked On: Change Target
Button: Outside Battle: Open Leafbook

Skirmish Controls

Left Stick: Move Evan and His Troops
Right Stick: Move Camera
Button: When Held: Call for Reinforcements
When Held Next to Destroyed Installation: Rebuild
Button: When Moving: Hold to Quick March
Button: Employ Shock Tactics
Button: All-Out Attack
Touch Pad Button: Display Briefing Screen
Button: Turn Left
Button: Turn Right
Button: When Held: Open Special Tactics Palette
(While Special Tactics Palette Is Open) Button/ Button/ Button/ Button: Use Corresponding Special Tactic

Other Controls

These are some more general controls for menu navigation and other situations. Any controls not covered here will be explained in the help text at the bottom-right of the screen.

Left Stick, Directional Buttons: Select Option
Button: Cancel/Back
Button: Confirm
Button: When Held During Cutscene: Skip Scene

Getting Around the Game World

Screen Layout

The World Screen

On the world screen, you can guide Evan as he makes his way across the vast landscapes of his kingdom and beyond. At first, you’ll be exploring on foot, but as the story progresses, boats and even airships will become available.

Basic Status (For more details, see here.)

Walking into an enemy in the field will initiate a battle. When a foe notices Evan and his friends, an exclamation mark will appear above their head, and they will give chase, but as our heroes grow stronger, weaker opponents will begin to avoid them.

The Mini-Map

 Current Objective
Displays the next objective for your currently active quest. This can be selected from the “Quests” section of the menu.

In Dungeons/Towns/Buildings

When in dungeons, towns, and certain buildings, the camera position and screen display will change, and you will be able to perform some of the actions you can usually only perform in battle. 
(For more details, see here.)

Understanding the Mini-Map

The mini-map in the top-right of the screen shows the immediate surroundings of the character you’re currently controlling. Enemies will appear as  marks, while any other entities will be indicated by  icons.
PLEASE NOTE: You can set whether or not the mini-map turns with the character you are controlling in the “Options” menu.

 Position and Orientation of Character Being Controlled

When an objective appears outside the scope of the mini-map, its direction will be indicated with .


The Main Map

When out and about in the world, you can press the OPTIONS button to open up a detailed map showing your surroundings and the names of any known locations nearby. Only areas you have visited will be displayed.

The Trip Door Map

Pressing the OPTIONS button while the main map is open (or holding the OPTIONS button) will display the trip door map, which will show you all the locations you can teleport to, and also allow you to return instantly to your kingdom.

Trip Doors

Trip doors are special spots dotted around the world that you can examine in order to have them remember you. Once they have, you’ll be able to teleport back to them instantly from almost anywhere.

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