Adventure Mode

Change Character

Upon selecting Adventure Mode, you will be taken to the Change Character screen. Once you have cleared Story Mode, you can use this feature to explore the world of “NARUTO SHIPPUDEN” from the eyes of your chosen character.

Free Adventure

Free Adventure lets you take on assorted missions and explore the world of Naruto Shippuden in a tale that takes place after the main story mode.

The Free Adventure Screen

While in Free Adventure, you’ll see assorted onscreen displays to help you along.


Event Details

In Free Adventure, press the R1-PS4-15px button to view your current progress and information on the current event.


Free Adventure Controls

Push the left stick a little to walk and all the way to run.


Perform Action
Approach a target and press the rond-PS4-15px button to engage in actions like talking, breaking, picking up, saving, wall running, and so on.


View Tutorial
If a tutorial’s shown under the Mini-Map, press the directional button to view it. You can also view tutorials off the Main Menu.


Open Main Menu
Click the touch pad button to bring up the Main Menu.


Main Menu

Click the touch pad button in Free Adventure to bring up the Main Menu. Select the action you want from the options available.
*More options will be added as the game goes on.


Free Adventure Controls

Event Details: View your current progress and information on the current event.
Edit Ninja Tools: Edit the Ninja Tools you use in battle.
Items List: View items currently in your possession.
Collection: View all the items acquired throughout the game.
Tutorial: Lists all gameplay tutorials.



You can talk to characters with word-balloon icons above their heads. Approach the character, and when the color of the word balloon changes, press the rond-PS4-15px button.


Navigating Conversations

Press the croix-PS4-15px button to move on in the conversation. Some conversations allow you to click the touch pad button to skip them.


Word Balloon Icons

shown-over-towns-people-you-can-talk-to-page-25 Shown over townspeople you can talk to.

shown-over-charracters-involved-in-main-story-event-page-25 Shown over characters involved with main story events.

shown-over-characters-involved-with-sub-events-page-25 Shown over characters involved with sub-events.

shown-over-characters-involved-in-side-quests-page-25 Shown over characters involved with side quests.

indicates-the-end-of-sub-event-talk-to-the-person-to-earn-a-reward-page-25 Indicates the completion of a Helping People Event. Talk to the person to receive your reward.

talk-to-this-person-to-shop-for-items-page-25 Talk to this person to shop for items.


Area Map

Press thetriangle-PS4-15px button during free adventure mode to open the Area Map. Here you can see your current location, the event locations, buildings, and Save Point bird cages. Press the triangle-PS4-15px button again to switch to a wider map. ※In BORUTO’s Tale, the Save Points are transceivers.


Full Map

In the Full Map, press the triangle-PS4-15px button and select an area from the list to teleport there instantly.


World Map

Go to a Warp Point and press rond-PS4-15px button to view the World Map.


Move the cursor to where you want to go and confirm your selection to go there instantly.


Event Details

This shows you the events you’ve accepted, both now and in the past. Bring the cursor to an event and press the croix-PS4-15px button to view details on that event. Press the carre-PS4-15px button to turn Event Navigation on and off.


Event Navigation

Event Navigation can only be used with sub-events. Turn it on, and you’ll see target destinations pointed out for you on the map.


Item List

View and use the consumable and story-related key items in your inventory.

Consumable Items

Items that can assist you in battle. You can buy them at shops.


Key Items

These items are used in sub-events and other areas.


You can trade Ninja Treasures and collection items at the Bandai Shop in the Hidden Leaf Village. The Bandai Shop can also be found in Collection and Online Battle.

Using Items

Use the cursor to navigate through the lists and select an item to use it.
* Some items, such as those used during battle, cannot be used from your Item List.



Talk to a store owner, then choose whether to purchase or sell items. Select an item or its price, use the left stick or directional buttons to change the quantity, then confirm your selection.



This lets you browse through the tutorials shown when you press the directional button during a Free Adventure or while you proceed through the game.

Tutorial Top Menu

The top menu displays a list of tutorial categories. Select the one you want and confirm to move on.


Tutorial Sub-Menu

Select the tutorial you want from the list and confirm to view it.


Viewing Tutorial Pages

If a tutorial spans multiple pages, press the croix-PS4-15px button to move to the next page, or use the L1-PS4-15px/R1-PS4-15px buttons, the left stick, or the directional buttons to flip through pages.


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