These display when you are idle. The controls displayed differ depending on the character’s state.

Press the touch pad button to switch between the Radar and Area Map. On the Options menu, you can also choose to hide the Radar.

Displays your next goal for progressing in the story.

Player Information
Displays the level, HP Gauge, and Ki Gauge for the character being controlled.


Open the Area Map:Press the touch pad button

Open the map for the current area. The Area Map displays different types of information, such as facilities and story destinations. You can set a marker with the button, which is displayed on the field as a yellow beam.

Current Location: Displays your current location.
Main Story: Displays goals in the main story.
Sub Story: Displays goals in sub stories.
Guide: Sells information on key locations and events in the area. Marks all fishing and hunting spots for the area on your map.
Grocer: Sells meat, fruit, and other ingredients.
Trader: Sells various materials.
Cook: Prepares dishes using the ingredients you have on hand.
Training Grounds: Consume D Medals to acquire Super Attacks.
Cooking: Chi-Chi can prepare dishes using the ingredients you have on hand. In addition to individual dishes, she can also prepare courses, which provide even greater effects.
Development: Bulma can create and power up vehicles for you using the development materials you have on hand.
Fruit Tree: Displays fruit trees.
Mineral Deposit: Displays mineral deposits.
Dinosaur Habitat: Displays dinosaur habitats, where you can hunt.
Fishing: Displays fishing spots, where you can fish.
Marker: Displays the marker you’ve placed.


Go to the World Map:Press the button on the Area Map

Opens the World Map. Select an icon on the map to move to that area. The main story destinations are indicated with red pillars, while sub stories are denoted with blue pillars. Progressing through the main story will give you access to more areas that you can visit. Press the button to display Off-Earth areas.

Information on the World Map

Obtainable D Medal Information

Selecting an icon on the World Map will display the area name and the number of obtainable D Medals for that area.

Areas in Frenzy

Shows areas where a Frenzy is in effect. There, you may be able to find more items, purchase things at shops for less, or enjoy a myriad of other benefits.

Character and Material Information

Select an area icon on the World Map and press the button to display which characters you can meet in that area, as well as any materials you can collect.



Items from trees such as apples and herbs are automatically collected simply by approaching them. Minerals can be obtained by destroying mineral deposits.

Destroying Mineral Deposits

When you’ve approached a mineral deposit, ‘ Destroy’ will appear. Press the button to destroy the deposit.

When a mineral deposit is in an unreachable location, you can destroy it with a Ki Blast.

Important Items

Important items, such as those used in events, can be obtained by approaching them and pressing the button.

Examples of Important Items

Gift Items

Event Items

D Medals


Collecting Z Orbs

Z Orbs are used to level up Super Attacks and acquire Know-how. They can be obtained as battle rewards or by approaching them on the field.

Types of Z Orbs

There are many different types of Z Orbs, and they can be found near areas related to their colour.




All Around Earth (Rare)

How to Collect More Z Orbs

Airways / Phantom Airways

Special wind tunnels can be found in every area. You can enter one by touching either the entrance or any point along the tunnel. Once you’re in, you’ll automatically be carried through it by the wind. Traveling through airways is a great way to collect Z Orbs. Phantom Airways rarely appear, but contain more valuable Z Orbs.

Time Orbs

Touching a Time Orb will make multiple Z Orbs appear nearby for a limited time.

Underwater Exploration

Z Orbs and other items can be found underwater as well. The Air Gauge will display while you are underwater. If it is completely depleted, you will be forced back to the surface.



Press the button at a fishing spot to start fishing. If you’re having trouble catching fish, or you want to catch a lot, press the button to select and use bait before you start fishing. You can find bait in rivers and the ocean or purchase it from traders.

Catching Fish

Lure Fish: Lure fish by using the left stick to wiggle your tail or fishing rod.

Press the correct button: Press the displayed button when the arrow is in the red part of the gauge.

Catch the Fish with the final correct button: Press the displayed button at the right timing.


Approach an animal in the field and press the button to obtain materials that can be used in cooking.

Dino Hunting

Knock out dinosaurs roaming around the field by hitting them with Ki Blasts. Press the button and use the right stick to aim, then press the button to fire a Ki Blast. Once you’ve defeated a dinosaur by depleting its HP Gauge, you will obtain materials that can be used in cooking.


Campfires are places found everywhere and can be used to recover your HP, as well as cook fish or the meat of any animals you’ve caught. The dishes you make will increase your stats.



Purchases with Zeni can be made at the guide, grocer, and trader. Select either ‘Buy’ or ‘Sell’, then press the button.

Selecting Products / Changing Amount

Use the left stick or directional buttons to select a product and the left stick or directional buttons to change the amount to purchase.

Buying and Selling

Press the button to complete your purchase or sale.


With cooks and cooking, you can use ingredients to have dishes made for you. Select ‘Make a dish’, then press the button.

Choose a Dish to Make

Select a dish, then press the button. Use the and buttons to switch menus.

Full-Course Meals

Only Chi-Chi can cook full-course meals, but they provide better stat boosts. In order to prepare full-course meals, you need both ingredients and recipes.


Training Grounds

Consume D Medals to acquire Super Attacks. Select the Super Attack you would like to acquire, then press the button. Complete the challenge to acquire that Super Attack. Use the and buttons to switch characters.

Training Room

Complete challenges to acquire Mastery, which provides powerful effects.


Select the training room level for modification, then press the button. If all the requirements have been fulfilled, the modification will be carried out. Modifying the training room adds challenges and allows more Mastery to be acquired.


Select Mastery, then press the button. Complete the challenge to acquire that Mastery. Use the and buttons to switch characters. Press the button to make changes to your party and train together.


Building and Powering up Machines

Materials can be used to build and power up machines such as Hovercars. Select R&D, Customise, or Level Up, then press the button.

Types of Machines


Bipedal Robo Walker


Select a Vehicle, Machine Part or Enhancement chip, then press the button. If you have the required materials, it will be built. Use the and buttons to switch between lists.


Use the and buttons to change the machine type, then press the button. Use the chips you’ve built to power up your machines. Press the button to change its colour and the button to remove the chip.

Level Up

Use the and buttons to select a machine to level up. Select a material with the left stick or directional buttons, then press the button to move to the amount selection screen. Use the left stick or  directional buttons to select the amount, then press the button to consume the material. The machine’s level will increase in accordance with the amount of EXP gained.


Time Attack

Select whether to play with a Hovercar or a Bipedal Robo Walker, then press the button to open the menu. Select ‘Play Time Attack’ and press the button to pay the challenge fee and start the Time Attack

View Records

View Rewards

Playing a Time Attack

Race against the clock as you go through checkpoints on your way to the goal. When you pass through rings, Hovercars increase in speed and Bipedal Robo Walkers jump higher. Passing through multiple rings on the course will give Hovercars a huge burst of speed and Bipedal Robo Walker extra height on their jumps.

Hovercar Controls

button: Brake
button: Accelerate
Left stick: Change Direction
Right stick: Move Camera
button: Change View

Bipedal Robo Walker Controls

Left stick: Move/Change Direction
Right stick: Move Camera
button: Jump
(Only the controls used in Time Attacks are included here.)

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