Game Screen

Field Screen

Layout of the basic field screen.

Enemy Focus Gauge

Enemy HP

Partner HP


Lock-on Marker
Appears when locked on to an enemy.

Action Dialog

Action dialog is displayed when you approach ladders, doors, and other objects that can be interacted with. Pressing the button will let you climb ladders, open doors, and interact with other objects in the game world.

Character Information

Your character’s current status is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

The currently selected shortcut item (see page 6). Pressing the down directional button will use the currently displayed item and pressing the left or right directional buttons will let you change the selected item.

 Stamina Gauge
Your current stamina. Attacking, dashing, and other actions deplete it, and once this gauge is empty, you can no longer attack, dodge, or use other actions that consume stamina. Stamina regenerates automatically over time.

HP Gauge
Your current HP. This decreases when you take damage, and after a set period of time at zero, you will die. HP can be restored with items or by resting at mistle.

The amount of haze you currently possess. It can be earned by defeating enemies and performing other tasks. It is used to level up, purchase items, improve equipment, and more.

Focus Gauge
Your current level of Focus.

Your current and maximum ichor. This is consumed by using Gifts, and is restored by attacks and successfully guarding. Draining (see page 13) can increase your maximum ichor.

Gift Quickslots
Your current loadout of Gifts. You can activate a Gift by holding and pressing the button or directional button corresponding to its slot.


Certain enemy attacks can inflict debuffs. When you are under the influence of a debuff, an icon indicating the effect will appear in the bottom center of the screen. Debuffs can be removed by using certain items or Gifts or by waiting until they expire.

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