Mistle Menu

Examining mistle will display the following menu and let you level up, as well as acquire and inherit Gifts.

Level Up

You can spend haze to level up your character. Leveling up will increase your base stats.

Acquire/Inherit Gifts

Here you can acquire and inherit Gifts. First, select the blood code that has the Gift you wish to learn. You can then spend haze to acquire the Gift.
Gifts have proficiency levels, and if you fulfill the proficiency requirement or spend haze and materials to compensate for it, you can unlock the ability to inherit that Gift. Once a Gift is inherited, you can equip it even while using a different blood code.

Gift Types

Gifts are divided into two categories: active and passive.
Active: These Gifts are used to attack foes, temporarily increase abilities, and more.
Passive: These Gifts can increase maximum HP or stamina, provide constant stat boosts, increase abilities while in a focused state, and more.


You can move items from your inventory into storage and withdraw items from storage into your inventory. First select the item you wish to store or withdraw, then select “Move to Storage” or “Withdraw” to move the item.
You can also set whether to automatically restock items that you have run out of from storage or manually refill your inventory by selecting “Replenish All.”


You can instantly transport yourself to any mistle you have activated. You cannot, however, teleport to mistle in the depths.


Here you can take items that partner and support characters have sent you.

Start Tutorial

Go through the tutorial of the game’s controls.

Save and Return to Title Screen

Save your current progress and return to the title screen.

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