About the Home Base

At the home base, you can talk to support characters to buy and sell items, upgrade equipment, restore Vestiges, and more. In addition, you can talk to partners so you can go out into the field together.

Buying, Upgrading, & Transforming Equipment

Talking to Murasame will let you purchase weapons and Blood Veils in exchange for haze. You can also upgrade and transform equipment, as well as sell items you are carrying.

Upgrading & Transforming

Choosing “Upgrade Equipment” or “Transform Equipment” and spending materials and haze will allow you to upgrade and transform weapons and Blood Veils. To transform a weapon or Blood Veil, first select the item you wish to transform, and then the item you wish to transform it into.

Buying Consumables

Talking to Coco will let you spend haze to buy consumable items. You can also sell items and valuables that you are carrying.

Restoring Vestiges

Talking to Io will let you restore Vestige parts obtained in your explorations. Restoring Vestiges will revive past memories of partner and support characters and unlock new Gifts for you to learn.

Exploring the Depths

After progressing in the story to a certain point, talking to Davis will allow you to explore additional areas known as the depths where you can find materials for inheriting Gifts and more.

Entering the Hot Spring

Taking a dip in the hot spring will let you recall a summary of your journey so far. Entering the hot spring can also restore a portion of any haze you have lost that is still somewhere out in the world, though the remainder will be forfeited.

Looking Back on Past Memories

Pressing the touch pad button while you are in the hot spring will let you review a summary of the story so far. You can change the topic by pressing the button, and turn the page with the and buttons or left and right directional buttons.

Adjusting Your Appearance

Examining the mirror at the home base will let you change your character’s clothing, hairstyle, accessories, and more.
Note: You cannot change your character’s name, gender, voice, or physique.

Requesting Partners

You can request a partner explore with you by talking to them at the home base. If you already have a partner, you can switch partners by talking to the person you want to go with.
Note: You can also stop partnering if you wish to explore on your own.

Exchanging Items

Raising your affinity with a character will change their reactions to you and increase the variety of items they give you. Certain highly valuable materials and special weapons are only available through exchanging.

Raising Affinity

There are three ways to raise affinity.
1) Giving a character valuables they like. 2) Restoring Vestiges to recover their memories. 3) Exploring together.

Giving Valuables & Receiving Items

By talking to a partner or support character and selecting “Exchange” and then “Give Valuables,” you can trade valuables for Trading Points.
Selecting “Receive Items” will let you spend Trading Points for special items.

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