Getting Started

The title screen will be displayed when the game starts. Press any button when at the title screen to go to the main menu.

The Main Menu Screen

At this screen, you can choose menu options to embark on the game’s original story, compete against other players around the world in online battles, or adjust various game settings. You can also see your current funds on this screen.

Current Funds

Story: Enjoy the game’s original story.

Challenge: Learn the different fighting styles for each character through a series of episodes.

Online Battle: Go online to enjoy multiplayer battles of up to 8 players.

Training: “Practice” should be used throughout to maintain consistency

Customize: Customise a character’s appearance, equipment, etc.

Options: Change various game settings, or check the current settings.

Saving Data

This game has an auto-save function. Data will be saved automatically at various points, such as the end of a battle or when settings have been changed. The icon shown to the right will be shown during saving, so do not turn the power off while it is visible.
At least 3,150 KB of free space on the system hard disk is required to save.


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