Getting Started

Beginning the Game

Launch the game to go to the title screen. Press any button to go to the Main Menu.

Regarding Data

When booting up the physical release of the game for the first time, data will be installed onto the PlayStation®4 system’s hard disk drive. You cannot play the game without installing game data. To play, the disc must be inserted. (No disc is required for the download version.)
To play the game, you need at least  37.17GB of free space on the PlayStation®4 system’s hard disk drive—approx. 37GB installation data, and 3.15MB save data.

Saving Data

Your progress is automatically saved. In multiplayer mode, to save changes to AIRCRAFT SET settings on the Hangar screen, select “Yes” when asked to confirm.

Main Menu

Use the directional buttons/left stick to highlight a menu; press to confirm.

Campaign/Campaign Mode Single Player: In this mode, the story proceeds as you clear various missions. Once you clear a mission, it becomes a “free mission,” and can be replayed anytime. After going over your assignment in the briefing, select “Start Mission” to choose your aircraft and special weaponry and then sortie.

Multiplayer/Multiplayer Mode 2 to 8 Players: Engage in combat online with players around the world.
Multiplayer can only be played online. You need a network connection and a PlayStation®Plus subscription.

VR/ VR Mode Single Player: There are three modes available for PlayStation®VR (sold separately).
• Play various missions in Mission mode.
• Fly freely without engaging enemies in Free Flight mode.
• Experience an air show in Air Show mode.

DATA VIEWER: Check various game play data, and view any cutscenes, aircraft data, etc. you have obtained.

PlayStation™Store: Downloadable content can be accessed on the PlayStation™Store. (Some require purchasing.)

OPTIONS: Change various settings, such as the controls/HUD for missions, and the game’s audio.

CREDITS: View the staff credits.

QUIT GAME: Save your progress and return to the title screen.

Multiplayer Mode

Go to “Multiplayer” in the main menu to challenge players around the world online. Select “Multiplayer” followed by “Match”, and then any of the following:

SEARCH FOR A ROOM: Search for and join a room that meets your criteria.

CREATE A ROOM: Create and host your own room, where you decide the rules.

Regarding Online Play

You need a network connection and a PlayStation®Plus subscription for multiplayer mode. Go to PlayStation® Support for info on subscribing and available services.

•For info on connecting to PlayStation™Network and connection requirements, go to
•For info on connecting to the internet, see the PlayStation®4 instruction manual.
•When playing online, please obey all regulations and laws, and play in a respectful manner.
•Do not disconnect cables during gameplay.
•Make sure you have enough time to play.
•Do not act or speak in a way that makes other players uncomfortable.

Lobby Screen

Once you create or join a room, you will be taken to the Lobby Screen. Here, you can check other players’ profiles, and prepare your aircraft. When everyone is all set, they select “Ready,” and the host selects “Sortie”.

Members List
View player statuses/ranks, as well as teams, names, and internet connection.

Chat Window
Chat using set phrases.

Current Rules

Player Rank and MRP

The rank increases as players accomplish things. You can use MRP to unlock items in the Aircraft Tree.

Voice Chat

With a headset, you can use voice chat in the lobby and in battle. You can talk to all players during Battle Royale, but only to your teammates during Team Death Match.
To turn voice chat on/off go to “Options” followed by “Sounds” then “Voice Chat”.

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