At the invitation of your childhood friend Kureha, you log in to the VRMMO Gun Gale Online. Despite being a new player to the game, by sheer luck you soon find yourself the owner of an ArFA-sys unit, a valuable new support AI added to the game during the most recent update, bringing you attention throughout GGO.

In time, you’ll come to meet Kirito and his friends, growing as a player and becoming stronger alongside them as you all immerse yourselves in the world of GGO. With the arrival of the SBC Flügel, a mysterious spaceship added to the game at the same time as the ArFA-sys units, you’ll adventure together with Kirito and his crew as you work towards the goal of being the first players to fully explore the ship and uncover its secrets.

During these adventures, Kirito will also enter the legendary Bullet of Bullets tournament as part of a secret investigation. As things grow more and more ominous, a message arrives in your inbox.

Once you’ve read the message, you’ll be confronted with hard choices and tough decisions…



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