How to Play

Exploring the World

Take control of your character and delve into the world. There are many items to investigate and collect. Leave no stone unturned.

Battling Enemies

Foes encountered in the world will attack you. Fight back with your weaponry and evade their assaults. You can also use your Blood Veil to perform drains.

Working with Partners

At the home base, you can ask a partner to go out on expeditions with you. Partners will provide support in various ways such as fighting enemies alongside you and giving some of their own HP when yours is depleted.
Note: There is a cooldown on partners providing you with HP. In addition, if your partner’s HP is too low, they will not be able to give HP.
Note: If your partner loses all their HP and dies, you can bring them back to life by resting at mistle.

Resting at Mistle

Mistle is the mark of a place of solace. Resting at mistle will restore all of your HP and the number of times you can regenerate. In addition, enemies you have defeated will return to life, with some exceptions. You can also level your character up at mistle.

Using Blood Codes to Shape Your Style

As you progress through the story, you will obtain blood codes with unique abilities. They have various effects when equipped such as raising your attack power or HP. Using the right blood code can make exploration easier and improve your chances in combat. Blood codes also allow you to use Gifts.

When Death Comes…

When you lose all your HP and die, you will revive at the last mistle where you rested. Upon dying, you will leave all the haze in your possession at the place you died. You can collect it again if you return to that spot, but if you die again before picking it up, it will be lost forever.

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