Starting Cooperative Gameplay

When online, you can select “Multiplayer” from the field menu to engage in cooperative gameplay with other players. You can use the following options to either be a host or travel to another player’s world as a guest.

Send a Distress Signal

Send a distress signal and act as a host for other players. When another player receives your signal, they will come to your world to aid you.

Search for Distress Signals

Go to another player’s world to help them as a guest. Once your destination is chosen, you will set out for their world.

Ending Cooperative Gameplay

Cooperative gameplay will end if you choose “Quit Multiplayer” from the field menu, if the host dies, if a boss is defeated, or if the journey is completed. Guests will return to their own world when cooperative gameplay ends.

Network Settings

You can adjust various network settings by pressing the button after “Multiplayer” is selected, or from the “Network Settings” menu under Settings.

Matchmaking Password: You can set a matchmaking password. Only players using the same password will be matched together.
Character Name Display: You can change the character display name to “Profile Name” or “Codename.”
Codename: Change the codename displayed during multiplayer.
Area Restriction: Choose whether or not matchmaking will be restricted to players in the same area of the game.
Matchmaking Region: Choose whether you want to be matched with players from the same region or would prefer to have no restrictions.
Select Region: Choose the region you currently live in.

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